Relax and Revive at Rooterville

If you’d like to take a once-in-a-lifetime vacation and come out to the country, Rooterville keeps lovely Bed and Breakfast-style accommodations at the sanctuary. Rooms are furnished with luxurious queen beds and a private bath. Or, if you enjoy the outdoors, you can camp out or bunk in the barn with our animals.

Here, you’ll get to eat delicious vegan food, learn about the issues and the health benefits of a plant-strong diet, as well as get a chance to relax and bond with great people and a variety of animals.

For those interested in venturing away from the sanctuary, Melrose (our nearest town) is a quaint little spot known for its arts, lakes, and parks. We are close to the historic city of St. Augustine, which makes for an amazing, history-filled day-trip. There are also nearby bike trails and other sanctuaries to visit, like Gainesville's Jungle Friends Primate Sanctuary, among others. If you would like to bring your horses, we can make arrangements for them as well. (There are plenty of places to ride in the area.

If you would like to provide your own food, we must insist on one important rule: NO MEAT will be allowed on the sanctuary grounds. Violators will be asked to leave; we are that serious about it.

Whatever your idea of a vacation is, we can help make it your best ever at Rooterville! Please contact us to book your stay. Rates will depend on the duration of your time with us, whether you are interested in the weekend educational retreat, and if you would like your meals provided.